The Sourcing & Creation of Our Palm Leaf Range

The Sourcing & Creation of Our Palm Leaf Range

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Our palm leaf range is made from naturally fallen palm leaves, typically from the Areca palm tree. The production process is eco-friendly and involves minimal processing and has assisted in job creation, sustainable waste disposal practices and more positive impacts on the environment. Here's an overview of how our palm leaf range is crafted:

Step 1: Collection of leaves
Fallen palm leaves are collected from the ground, usually in areas where Areca palm trees are abundant. The collection of leaves does not harm the trees, as they shed their leaves naturally.

Step 2: Cleaning
The collected leaves are washed and cleaned thoroughly to remove dirt and debris. This process may involve using water and a brush to scrub the leaves gently.

Step 3: Sterilisation
After cleaning, the leaves are sterilised, usually by boiling or steaming them. This step kills any bacteria, fungi, or other pathogens and ensures that the plates are safe for food contact.

Step 4: Drying
Once sterilised, the leaves are spread out to dry in the sun. This process can take a few hours to a few days, depending on weather conditions and humidity levels. The leaves need to be completely dry before they can be pressed into shape.

Step 5: Pressing
The dried leaves are placed in a hydraulic or mechanical press, which has moulds in the desired plate shapes and sizes. The press applies heat and pressure to the leaves, which causes them to bond together and take the shape of the mould. This process results in a sturdy, leak-resistant plate.

Step 6: Trimming
After pressing, the plates may have rough edges or excess material. These are trimmed off using scissors or a cutting tool to ensure a clean, finished appearance.

Step 7: Quality inspection and packaging
The finished plates are inspected for quality, such as checking for any holes, cracks, or defects. Plates that pass the inspection are then packaged, usually in biodegradable or eco-friendly packaging materials, and are ready for distribution and use.

With minimal environmental impact, we’ve created stylish, sturdy and eco-conscious plates crafted from natural resources that otherwise would have been considered waste. We’re thrilled that we are able to aid in the change from single-use plastics through sustainable practices and helping smaller communities.

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