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what are warmers?

Our hand, body & foot warmers are designed for use in the great outdoors and subzero temperatures with your comfort, and the planet, in mind. They are small, portable heat packets, which, when exposed to oxygen, generate heat via a chemical reaction. 

Hand warmers are designed to be held in your hand or placed in gloves, pockets, or mittens. Foot warmers are similar but are worn as insoles in shoes or boots to warm up your entire foot. Toe warmers are smaller and target the toes only, sticking directly to your socks - so they can be worn with or without shoes. Body warmers are larger and can be placed on various parts of the body with the adhesive backing, such as the back, chest, or shoulders, to provide all-over warmth.

air activated

lasts up to 10 hours

warm in 5 minutes

ideal for outdoors


it's all in an exothermic reaction

the science of warmers

Our hand, body & feet warmers work by utilising a natural chemical reaction between our 5 key ingredients (known as an exothermic reaction).

All ingredients are safely sealed inside a polypropylene bag.
The polypropylene bag allows oxygen to permeate the ingredients whilst retaining moisture.

Reaction Sequence: 

  • When exposed to oxygen, the iron in the pouch oxidizes and makes your warmer heat up.
  • When the iron oxidizes, it produces iron oxide.
  • The salt works as a catalyst to speed up the process, and the carbon helps to disperse heat.
  • The vermiculite is an insulator, keeping all the warmth contained within the bag.


Our products are carefully designed to provide the best user experience, are ethically produced to the highest quality and conform to all relevant safety standards.

No, the warmers cannot cause a fire, however please do not put the warmers inside an open flame or near a fire.

The ingredients are non-toxic and pose no danger, however we recommend drinking plenty of water and seeking medical advice to be on the safe side.

The reactions can vary based on the environment you are in, we would always recommend placing them in an insulated environment after 2 minutes of opening such as a glove or pocket for optimal use.

The warmers contain non-toxic natural ingredients and can be disposed of in your local recycling waste, however as each country differs we advise to follow the instructions per region.

We recommend keeping warmers out of reach of children under 5 years.

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