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what is palm leaf?

Palm leaves fall from the betel-nut tree, also known as the areca palm tree. They grow naturally in hilly areas in much of the tropical pacific, without the assistance of fertilisers or pesticides.

No trees are cut in the manufacturing process, instead, naturally fallen leaves are gathered, making this a natural and renewable source.

how palm leaf items are made

Fallen palm leaves are collected from the ground, usually in areas where areca palm trees are abundant. They are cleaned, sterilised and dried in the sunlight before they are pressed with a mechanical press to take their shape. The plates are trimmed, quality inspected, packed and shipped to our customers.

the benefits of palm leaf

Alongside the eco benefits (biodegradable, compostable, sustainable, renewable and chemical free) palm leaf plates are extremely versatile because they are microwave, oven and freezer safe, and suitable for a variety of foods including hot, cold, wet, or dry dishes.

disposing of palm leaf

If you've got a compost bin or pile at home, you can simply add the used palm leaf plates to it. They'll break down naturally over time, usually within a few months, depending on factors like temperature and moisture levels. Make sure to break or cut the plates into smaller pieces to speed up the decomposition process. Alternatively, pop them in your garden bin for collection.

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palm leaf FAQs

häago palm leaf plates are made from the leaves of the betel-nut tree, also known as the areca palm. The sheath or leaves, which primarily protect the fruit, falls naturally once it dries out. They are then collected and stored properly.

No trees are cut for the manufacturing of häago palm leaf plates. The areca palm trees grow naturally in hilly areas in much of the tropical Pacific, without the assistance of fertilisers or pesticides.

The leaves are cleaned with fresh water before manufacturing, without the use of any chemicals or additives. Heat and steam are used to shape and bind them. The plates are 100% natural and are completely chemical-free.

The plates take around 3-6 weeks to biodegrade naturally. They can be composted easily in your garden without the need for any special composting methods. The plates can be added to a general compost bin and will break down in less than three months, which you can then use in your garden.

Yes, häago palm leaf plates are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. They are compostable and made from a natural, renewable source. They are also odourless and hygienic.

Our supplier is based in India, so a majority of the product will come from there.

häago palm leaf range has several certifications including ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management Certificates), ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Certificate), GMP (Good Manufacturing Certificate), TUV Food Grade Certificate (Test report for Areca plate doesn’t react with food when served), TUV Microorganisms Test (Report for non-presence of E-coli, Coliform and other bacteria or fungus), TUV Heavy Metals Test (Report showing no presence of heavy metals), and TUV Formaldehyde Test (Report showing no presence of formaldehyde or any chemicals).

All products are packaged in a compostable PLA bag with a coloured label.