Whether you're exploring the great outdoors or working on a cold worksite, you want your warmers to do their job, and we've taken that very seriously...

Based in the UK, Häago are a leading manufacturer and supplier of warming pads.

We supply a vast variety of retail stores and the service industry globally.

Some of our customers include
Homeless Shelters, Outdoor Stores, Cycling Stores, Ski Resorts, Film Crew, Security and event personnel, Football Clubs, Garden Centres, Military and Emergency Services, Builders Merchants and Fuel Stations.

We ship to the U.K & EU.

All our warmers are 100% recyclable and are made from natural ingredients.

At Häago, we believe in sustainability and
thrive on adventure. We promote exploration and care about the earth, thus our products
are intentionally designed to reflect that ethos. Our hand, body & foot warmers are
designed for use in the great outdoors and subzero temperatures with your comfort, and the planet, in mind.

How do they work?

  • AIR

    Our warmers are activated upon exposure to Oxygen... As soon as you open them!

    UP TO 10 HRS

    Once your warmer has been activated, it can keep you toasty for up to 10 hours.


    Give your warmer a shake, and enjoy a consistent temperature of 50°C in just 5 minutes.

  • 100% NATURAL

    Simple, clever and 100% natural chemical reactions are the key to our warmers.

What's in it?

When exposed to oxygen, the iron in the pouch oxidizes and makes your warmer toasty.

When the iron oxidizes, it produces iron oxide, AKA: Rust!

The salt works as a catalyst to speed up the process, and the carbon helps to disperse heat.

The vermiculite is an insulator, keeping all the warmth in the bag.

All the magic ingredients are sealed safely inside a little polypropylene bag.

The polypropylene allows oxygen to permeate the ingredients whilst retaining any moisture.

How To Use

OPEN IT - Remove the pouch from the outer wrapper.

Do NOT open the cloth pouch.

SHAKE IT - Mix & activate the contents for a few seconds.

STUFF IT - Place in an enclosed area such as a pocket or gloves to maximize the heat efficiency.

* After placing in an enclosed area, the warmer can take up to 20 minutes to reach maximum heat.


Is there a discount for bulk orders?

Sure.. If you're interested in selling our products on your online store, brick-and-mortar retail store or maybe you'd like to distribute our products. Simply reach out to our sales team hello@haago.com and we'll gather a little info about your business, and get products to your store or warehouse as soon as possible. 

Are Häago Warmers quality & safe?

Our products are carefully designed to provide the best user experience, are ethically produced to the highest quality and conform to all relevant safety standards.

Our unique trading model enables us to offer fair pricing by selling direct to our customers through our website and via carefully selected Häago retail partners. We hold stock in the UK and the EU.

A Few Retailers We Stock Worldwide

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