Reusable Hand Warmers (20 Pack)


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Use & Reseal - Up to 8 hours of warmth across 10 days.

Recycle after use

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Enhance your outdoor experience with NEW haago Reusable Hand Warmers, available in a 20 Pack. Each haago warmer delivers up to 8 hours of heat, usable across multiple instances within a 10-day period. To use, simply open the packet, activate the warmer, and enjoy the heat. When finished, reseal the warmer in its airtight packaging to preserve any remaining warmth for future use. For instance, if you use a warmer for 1 hour and then seal it, you'll still have 7 hours of heat for later use. These warmers are a perfect choice for TV & film production crews, outdoor event planners, golfers, and ski holidaymakers, offering a convenient solution to stay warm in cold weather. 

Key Features:

  • Extended Duration: Experience long-lasting, consistent warmth, ideal for prolonged outdoor activities or work.
  • Instant Heat Activation: Ready to use through 100% natural oxidation, these warmers heat up within 5 minutes of exposure to oxygen to provide warmth in cold conditions.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Made with natural ingredients, haago warmers are not only eco-friendly and safe but also can be recycled in a regular garden waste bin at the end of their lifecycle, aligning with your values of environmental care.
  • Bulk Pack Advantage: A pack of 20 ensures you have an ample supply for large groups or multiple events.
  • Lightweight and Portable: These warmers are easy to distribute and carry, adding no extra weight, perfect for on-the-go use.

haago Reusable Warmers are an essential tool for anyone active outdoors, ensuring that cold weather won't hinder your work or enjoyment. Stay warm, focused, and efficient with these innovative, reusable warmers, designed to enhance your outdoor activities regardless of the temperature.

20 Packs of Pairs (40 Warmers in Total)

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