20 Teardrop Palm Leaf Plates - 15cm (6")

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Microwave Safe

100% Compostable

Hot, Cold & Wet Food Ready

Eco-Friendly Elegance with Teardrop Palm Leaf Plates
Introducing our 20 Teardrop Palm Leaf Plates, a collection that marries eco-consciousness with distinctive elegance. Each 15cm (6") plate is crafted from biodegradable Areca leaves, presenting a sustainable choice that significantly reduces environmental impact. These teardrop-shaped plates bring a unique charm to your table, offering a rustic yet sophisticated look that is sure to captivate guests at any dining event, from casual buffets to formal dinners.

Durably Designed for Diverse Dining
Our palm leaf plates are not only aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly versatile and resilient. Designed to accommodate both hot and cold foods, they are microwave and freezer safe, ensuring they meet the demands of diverse culinary creations. Whether serving appetizers, desserts, or main courses, these lightweight plates maintain their form and function, providing a practical yet elegant solution for serving your favourite dishes.

Pure, Safe, and Perfect for Every Occasion
Embrace a dining experience that is both safe for your family and kind to the environment. Our teardrop plates are produced through a natural, chemical-free process, guaranteeing a pure dining surface free from harmful substances. The perfect size for any occasion, these 15cm plates exemplify functional elegance, making them an ideal choice for enhancing the presentation of your meals while upholding eco-friendly values and practices.

  • Made from 100% natural, compostable Areca leaves for an eco-smart choice
  • Unique teardrop shape adds distinctive elegance to table settings
  • Microwave and freezer safe, suitable for hot and cold foods
  • Chemical-free production for a naturally safe dining experience

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