90 Square Sugarcane Plates - 15cm (6")

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Product Dimensions: 15cm (6 inches) - Pack Size: 90 Square Sugarcane Plates

Elegant Eco Essentials: Step into sustainable elegance with our 90 Square Sugarcane Plates - 15cm (6"). These plates are the heart of eco-conscious dining, crafted entirely from natural materials. With a 70:30 blend of sugarcane and bamboo pulp, they offer a robust, eco-friendly alternative to traditional disposables. Perfect for all types of gatherings, these plates are designed to leave a minimal environmental footprint, allowing you to serve your guests with both style and a clear conscience.

Stylishly Sustainable: Our square sugarcane plates blend seamlessly into any dining occasion, marrying sustainability with contemporary style. Their compact size and unique square shape make them a chic choice for any event, from casual summer BBQs to elegant festive gatherings. The natural composition not only highlights your commitment to the planet but also adds a touch of organic sophistication to your table setting, proving that green choices can be stylish too.

Joyous Gatherings, Green Impact: Celebrate life's moments with our 90 Square Sugarcane Plates, where sustainability enhances the joy of gathering. These compostable and plastic-free plates are ideal for serving a variety of dishes, ensuring your events are memorable for their delicious food and positive environmental impact. By choosing our sugarcane plates, you're not just planning a meal; you're promoting a lifestyle that cherishes the planet, making every gathering a step towards a more sustainable future.

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