Sugarcane Sectioned Trays - 26cm (10")

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Microwave Safe

100% Compostable

Hot, Cold & Wet Food Ready

Product Dimensions: 26cm (10 inches)

Sustainable Service, Sectioned Perfection: Introducing our Sugarcane Sectioned Trays, the epitome of eco-friendly convenience and elegance. These 10-inch trays are designed to cater to a myriad of dining occasions, from serene outdoor garden parties to grand indoor wedding events. Crafted from 100% natural sugarcane bagasse, they offer a durable and versatile dining solution, enabling you to present a variety of foods from salads to hot soups without the fear of leaks or breaks, all while ensuring a tender touch on the environment.

Elegantly Eco, Stylishly Simple: Our sectioned trays blend the best of sustainability with subtle style. The natural, neutral colour palette not only complements any décor or colour theme but also highlights the organic beauty of the materials used. Perfect for any gathering, these trays provide a stylish yet simple backdrop for your culinary creations, proving that environmental responsibility can go hand in hand with elegant design.

Conscious Celebrations, Joyful Gatherings: Elevate your events with our compostable sugarcane sectioned trays, where functionality meets eco-consciousness. Ideal for serving a diverse array of dishes, these trays are not just about convenience; they're a statement of your commitment to sustainability. By choosing our biodegradable trays, you ensure that your celebrations are marked by joy and care for the planet, offering guests a thoughtful dining experience that respects both taste and environmental impact.

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