Sugarcane Trays - 26cm (10")

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Pack Size 100 Pack

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Microwave Safe

100% Compostable

Hot, Cold & Wet Food Ready

Product Dimensions: 26cm (10 inches) x 12cm (5 inches)

Sustainably Served, Naturally Elegant: Introduce a touch of nature's elegance to your gatherings with our 100 Sugarcane Trays, each measuring 26cm (10 inches) in diameter. These trays are a testament to sustainable dining, crafted from a harmonious blend of sugarcane and bamboo pulp. Designed to accommodate both hot and cold foods, they offer a versatile, eco-friendly alternative for any occasion, ensuring your culinary presentations have minimal impact on our planet.

Style Meets Green Sophistication: Our sugarcane trays encapsulate the beauty of sustainability, merging eco-consciousness with a sleek, natural aesthetic. Their understated design enhances any table setting, from casual barbecues to formal dinners, providing a stylish yet simple solution for serving a variety of dishes. Made with 100% natural materials, these compostable trays are a statement of elegance that respects the environment and adds a touch of sophistication to your events.

Conscious Celebrations, Joyful Gatherings: Elevate your events with our biodegradable sugarcane trays, where every meal becomes an opportunity to celebrate sustainability. Perfect for an array of gatherings, these trays enable you to serve your guests with both joy and a clear conscience. Opting for our environmentally friendly trays means embracing a future where convenience and care for the planet go hand in hand, ensuring your celebrations leave a lasting impression of mindfulness and delight.

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