50 Round Sugarcane Plates - 26cm (10")

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Product Dimensions: 26cm (10 inches) - Pack Size: 50 Round Sugarcane Plates

Eco-Grace for Every Table: Elevate your dining experience with our 50 Round Sugarcane Plates - 26cm (10"). These plates blend the best of eco-conscious functionality and elegant design, offering a versatile solution for any dining occasion. Made from sustainable sugarcane and bamboo pulp, they provide a durable, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional tableware. Perfect for both indoor celebrations and outdoor gatherings, they ensure your culinary delights are presented with both style and a gentle touch on the environment.

Sustainably Stylish: Our round sugarcane plates showcase how sustainable choices can effortlessly enhance any setting. Their natural, neutral colour brings a simple elegance to your table, suitable for a variety of décor themes from rustic to contemporary. Whether hosting a casual get-together or a formal event, these compostable plates marry sustainability with style, allowing you to make a statement about your commitment to the planet without compromising on aesthetics.

Joyful, Eco-Conscious Celebrations: With our 50 Round Sugarcane Plates, hosting becomes a testament to sustainability and joy. These plates are designed to accommodate a wide range of dishes, making them perfect for any menu, from appetizers to main courses to desserts. By choosing our biodegradable and compostable plates for your next gathering, you're not just serving food; you're promoting a lifestyle that values the planet's wellbeing, ensuring your celebrations leave a positive impact on the earth and bring a smile to your guests' faces.

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